Wednesday, April 29, 2009

laundry detergent update

well, my detergent has congealed so i will mix some with water in a smaller container and try it out today! i did find out that it is better to add the lavendar (or other type) essential oil only when you refill your smaller container with the half concentrated detergent/half water. just put about 10 -15 drops drops in (or more or less if you like) for every 2 gallons you keep on hand, rather than adding the essential oil straight to the concentrated solution. i'm not sure may be okay to add a larger amount of oil straight to the concentrated batch. i added some to the big solution yesterday when mine was starting to congeal, but not very much, so i'll add a little bit more to my refill bottle when i go to make it. just wanted to let you know in case you decide to make some, too!

also, i'll try to post a food recipe today or tomorrow:).

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Sara and Wade said...

What a great food blog!!!! You've done a great job, Nancy! I am going to try some of your recipes soon and I will try the laundry detergent recipe asap - lavender oil scented clothes sounds lovely!