Wednesday, June 03, 2009

laundry detergent update

i have been using my homemade laundry detergent faithfully ever since i made it a few weeks back, and so far i am pleased with the results! so far it seems to be effective in removing stains, soils, and odors, just like the store-bought brands. i just refilled my refillable container for the first time this morning, which means that my first batch lasted a little over a month. i do a lot of laundry, so i am sure it might last longer if you don't do as many loads of laundry as i do. i have just made a dent into the concentrated solution, so i am expecting this stuff to last me for a while!

i did read somewhere that essential oils can be harsh on clothing, so i may forego the lavender oil for right now until i make sure about this. i wasn't really able to smell it that much anyway, and didn't want to add too much. i have enjoyed the clean scent of the detergent while the laundry is running, but like that my clothes do not carry a scent with them once they come out of the wash.

anyway, i just wanted to let you all know that, yes, i am actually using this stuff! i must admit that i did find myself wanting to be lazy this morning and not refill my bottle i use on a daily basis because it takes a few minutes and i usually spill a little bit when trying to pour it into the bottle (i ladle the concentrated solution into a pyrex measuring bowl and then pour it into the top of my refill bottle halfway and fill the other half with water), but i realized just how lazy i was being! it would have taken me a lot longer to go to target and purchase another type of detergent, and it would certainly have cost me a lot more as well! i'm still happy knowing that each load of laundry i do is only costing me 1-2 cents per load. i've done at least 30 loads of laundry, which means i've spend between 30 and 60 cents, detergent wise. when compared to the $10 or so i would be paying for the same amount of brand name detergent, that's not too bad!

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Domestic Kate said...

I'm definitely trying this once I finish up this last bottle of stuff from Costco!