Friday, August 06, 2010

Crock pot favorites...your submissions, please!

I am always on the lookout for a good crock pot recipe. Even though I have one or two crockpot recipe books and know of entire blogs dedicated to this subject, I always prefer recipe referrals! So, I want to know: What is your favorite (or more) recipe to make in a crock pot? Please post a comment with a link to your favorite crock pot recipe, the recipe itself, or email the recipe to me. I would love to try them out and spread the word on any new favorites!


Erin Jackson said...

I made one the other night that was interesting and different and yummy! Jeremy said it looked like something the dog threw up....(ick) but then he got two plates full b/c he said it was great! :) hehe, I told him nothing that comes out of a crock pot ever looks very good. I will find the recipe and send it to you.

Erin Jackson said...
Okay here you go. I forgot to get the beans so ours didn't have that but otherwise, with brown rice it was yummy!

mj said...

a go too, so easy recipe i love is just chicken, cream of mushroom soup and a 8oz container of sour cream. Cook on low. it is soooo good over rice and I bet it would be awesome with your homemade cream of mushroom!

becca Simmons said...

I tried this Red Beans and Rice recipe from Ashley's webiste on Will and Anna-Kate about two weeks ago. They both loved it!

Also from Ashley this is a great Mexican flavored crockpot dish.
I served it over rice instead of chips; I also thought it would be great over lettuce as a hearty Mexican-themed salad.

This is my mom's roast recipe. Super simple, but I have never met someone who didn't think it was really tasty.