Monday, July 20, 2009

crockpotting recipes

i really need to start using my slow cooker more often. does anyone have any good, healthy go-to crockpot recipes that you love? i know there are books and blogs out there devoted to this topic, and i read them both, but i would love to know what YOUR favorites are, because my favorite way of getting recipes is from friends! so any that you would like to share...please feel free to post them as a comment or email them to me.

i have not posted any new recipes lately, but i hope to soon. have a great monday!


BMK said...

I love using my crock pot in the summer. I have a slow cooker link in my blog. Here are a few of my very favorite recipes:

Tortilla Soup:

Braised Sage Chicken and Stuffing

Tex Mex Chicken and Beans

Root Beer Pulled Pork

MLS said...

Here is another this in the Fall and Winter!

MLS said...
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